It has taken 18 years – 18 years of learning, trying and drawing. I am still not at the finish line, and I don’t think I will ever actually get there. I start each drawing thinking I will do my best and reach the best result possible. And I do – however, each drawing extends my boundaries even further. It has, for the last long 15 years.

I said to myself: God gave me such talent, not for nothing. He might have wanted me to develop it further. He might have wanted me to capture the beauty which he had created. Why am I doing this? It fills me by happiness, admiration, and satisfaction.

I love challenges. Every single drawing is a challenge for me. I love this world, I love its beauty. I think of its beauty as flawless, totally harmonic. I love the human body, its gracefulness, uniqueness. It is so pure, it is total harmony of curves and shapes. Every single part of the human body has its reason, appeal, and power. It is the perfect merge of beauty and nature. True beauty does not need the interference of people, it is attractive in its simplicity.

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WAY HOME – hyperrealistic drawing, 675 hours

How do I perceive my drawings? As the merge of beauty and nature. I need to see a human with his emotions which give to our lives the incredibly flavored juice. Sometimes it is sweet, other times spicy.

My partner – my support in many ways

I use acid-free cotton paper which does not degrade with time. Thanks to its natural ingredients and high-quality elaboration, this paper maintains its original, intact appearance for many years. The pencils are made from natural materials. Charcoal, clay or graphite. Through gradual layering, they help to depict anything from shining eyes to the most mystical parts of the human body.

On the beginning

What is my goal then? To put on the paper, in the most natural way, the beauty and emotions of a human being in their finest details. I like to see when a person in the picture wants to breathe, to live, to rise up. I place in him part of my being, my thoughts, and my moods.

Every drawing begins with a short simple story in my mind. I imagine this story many times, again and again. I look at it from every angle, trying to feel its purpose and its mood, I perceive its beauty and its details. And finally, in the most powerful moment, time stops. I keep working with this image in my mind until I create its real, masterly, fine reproduction.