A humal-animal hybrid or chimera is an entity that incorporates genetic elements from both humans and animals. These hybrids have been widely explored in mythology and new fictional media. In most cases humans like to see themselves as a deer, wolf or other iconic animal hybrid in order to represent their power and splendidness.

For me human and animal comparison was more like a nice game because I always used to search for an animal equivalent for every person I met when I was a child. I remembered that game a while ago and gave myself some time to search for humanimals around me again. Here is what I found.

More info: Behance

Old ladies completely changing themselves in different places like chameleons

Girls in their ballet classes dancing like jellyfishes

Lovers rolling around each other like snakes

Painters standing and dreaming in one place like flamingos

Night lovers sleeping all day and going to hunt for adventures during the night like bats

Prisoners being scared and desperate like slaughterhouse animals

Inspired by PETA