March 2nd 2015 was departure day. It was the day we waved goodbye to South Africa, goodbye to a comfortable life with a comfortable salary, and goodbye to the somewhat predictable life we’d lived for over 29 years. You can read more on how we started traveling here.

So what does a year traveling around the world actually look like? We crunched some digits (because we need to practice our math skills every now and then, right?) and below is our year in numbers and some of our highlights. We managed to cover over 150 000 kilometers whilst visiting 88 cities and towns, in 31 countries, leaving our footprints on 4 continents.

We slept in 43 beds (that’s nearly 1 per week!) across various volunteer homes, friend couches and blow-up mattresses, Airbnb apartments, hotels, hostels, tents, and a sailing boat.

We did some, um, interesting volunteer jobs, including moving 1 ton of rocks, spreading 250 kilograms of cow dung, cleaning 135 dirty, stinky toilets, enjoying 90 sessions of dog poop-scooping, laying down 60 meters of pathway, making 57 beds, building 1 awesome jungle gym, and cleaning 1 smelly chicken coop.

We used over many modes of transport, including 97 trains, 28 cars, 24 planes, 16 buses, 12 bicycles, 6 ferries, 4 trams, 3 cable-cars, 2 Tuk Tuks, 2 funiculars, 1 Red Bull helicopter, 1 vintage chairlift, and 1 sailing boat.

Our global community of friends grew exponentially, as we became friends with 23 Australians, 20 Austrians, 13 Germans, 12 Norwegians, 12 Americans, 8 Canadians, 8 New Zealanders, 4 Dutch, 4 South Africans, 4 Greeks, 3 Swedes, 2 Spaniards, 2 Italians and 1 strange but cool Slovakian.

We also created over 1 terabyte of content, 19 284 photographs, 1 208 videos, 23 art pieces, 76 blog posts, 74 PR interviews, and 100 we-want-to-make-a-positive-impact-and-change-the-world-for-the-better brainstorm notes.

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In the 16 months, we’ve slept in 43 beds…

…in many different hotels, apartments and hostels.

We did some dirty jobs along the way…

…and traveled in various ways…

…becoming friends with people from all over the world.

…whilst creating over 1TB of content.

Illustrations by Anwar Mcwhite & Stevo Dirnberger

This is how we travel the world