It took me years of uncertainty, two degrees in law and economics, and a whole bunch of stuff I did only because I thought I had to, to find out that none of that truly made sense to me. It’s only when expecting my third child I could recognize the voice inside my head telling me that I could be something different, something that didn’t match the reasonable expectations of my community and even seemed absurd to some of the people on whose support I was supposed to count.

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While motherhood itself can be quite fulfilling for many women, the case for some of them is not believing in being able to realize their true potential and being afraid to even wonder what their potential is or could be. It leaves them thinking: “ok if I cannot be anything in this world, I will at least be a good mother”. For quite some time that was my case, too. Except that I never pushed too hard to be a perfect mom either.

Apparently, my latest child kicked the right button inside my womb, when I started to create illustrations all of a sudden. It turned out to my own surprise, you don’t need to have any kind of special degree, you don’t need to have lots of free time, and you don’t even have to choose between your family and your dream job. In fact, you can be a mother of three, a wife, and an awesome illustrator at the same time, and many other things, too. All you need is to find what you love and have a little faith in yourself.

I started my passionate journey in 2016 and two years later we opened an Artspace B27 in Kyiv, Ukraine with two other amazing illustrators. It is an open space for anyone who takes our classes and workshops, as well as for those who just want to spend some time reading, working or simply being in a creative environment. We aim to empower and inspire people to look beyond their borders and show that they can never know what they are capable of until they try it.