I was always busy. My job as a graphic designer meant long hours of work and almost always take work home. My children, where babies, and had to adapt to my schedules. One day my husband brought home the news that we had to move, due to a great job opportunity for him. That meant letting my work, put our things together and traveling 1200 km south.

This trip changed my life, although it was hard at first to leave my work my family and friends I was able to rediscover an old passion: photography.

Spend a year watching my children play among the woods, discovering the wonders of nature, making animal friends and I was able to capture everything with my camera and go back to live a thousand times.

I never went back to design, now I spent my days living adventures from the hand of my children.

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Dorotea the chicken

New life

Sunsets at the lake

Bosom friends