How do you satisfy a man in the kitchen? Pour sprinkles and chocolate sauce all over him! Michael Craft’s new photography book, Sweet Tooth combines hot men with a delicious array of desserts and the recipes that turn them on.

For photographer Michael Craft creating Sweet Tooth was a labor of love. Michael intentionally selected 27 steamy models that are as diverse as the desserts they devour. These gorgeous models come from different backgrounds and nationalities. Michael is hoping people will embrace the mouthwatering diversity and appreciate the delectable photos whether it’s a flavor they prefer or something new they’d like to try.

Michael Craft has dedicated his life to capturing images and since childhood. Creating this photography book has been one of Michael’s professional goals for many years and now it’s become a reality.

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Model, Denis with his Silver Fox Ice Cream & Sprinkles!

Model, Alexey with his Streusel In My Face Coffee Cake!

Model, Andrew with his Sinful Caramel Apple Crumb Pie!

Sweet Tooth Book Cover!