Hi! My name is Deborah, a freshly-graduated illustrator. I attended a university known for engineering and research, so the best way to practice illustration was through a self-driven project.

During my last semester of undergrad, I took an independent study to pursue a personal project: using colored pencils on large sheets of paper (18×24 inches) to make a series off of one of the most vibrant books I could think of. Thinking about all the scenery––the Pondicherry zoo, the Pacific ocean, the carnivorous island––sparked my imagination enough that I was excited to spend (probably hundreds) of hours on my vision.

Yes, my hands hurt like crazy after! But the end-products were totally worth the labor. The first piece “Pi’s Paradise” even won a scholarship from the Society of Illustrators this year too!

You can find more work at debleeart.com.

More info: Instagram

“Pi’s Paradise” progress

“Fish Fight” progress

“Pi’s Paradise”

“Pi Alone”

“Fish Fight”

“Uninvited Message”

“Which Story?”