“I am so proud to announce that our new project will start tomorrow. The idea occurred to me six months ago. Big thanks to my super awesome team for their help in getting my plans implemented.The whole month my Instagram account will be devoted to this very project.

The whole month my Instagram account will be devoted to this very project. Ten stories which I’m going to publish every Monday Wednesday and Friday.

Photo project “St. Petersburg Houses’ Tales”

The principal character here is The Ballerina. She builds ties to the time when sounds of waltz, laugh, and crinolines had never calmed down. ” – Darian Volkova, ballet photographer from Russia.


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Mademoiselle Maison. Chaliapin threw incredible parties

Long long ago there weren’t bloggers, DJs and instagramers but there were artists, writers and actors. All of them could be met in Pale-Royal. The House was a kind of shelter for poor but still romantic bohemians and clerisy. If The House became a human being it would be an old lady with dreamy eyes and mouthpiece in her hand, wearing fur Tippett and who has never had a penny to bless herself with. Now She is just a living house but Her walls still remember times when impassioned writers like Chekhov, Gorky, Bunin and Kuprin created theirs chef-d’oeuvre and Fedor.

Imperial society for the Encouragement of the Arts’ building

There is zip and zing around the city. “Mess” say You, “Beauty” The House says. And He knows what He is talking about. This House has been roofing canvas for over a century. But paintings are not the only inhabitants in The House. There are a good many muses about, all too busy; they are singing and dancing in a ring and of course they inspire everybody who call up on The House. They will teach You how to paint in water-colors on House’s Walls. You can paint whatever You want and walls always become empty next day. But The House will keep Your Art in His memory.

The Enigma House. For many years citizens try to find out what secret The House keeps

But The House locked His doors and set out The Lion watch. Some people say The House buried treasure (all coins which tourists left for good luck), others say The House is the residence of The Master and Margarita. The one thing we know for sure there is something behind The Lion watch… When Ballerina entered The House She saw nothing but a big black cat but it vanished from sight as unexpected as it appeared.

Gather all sunny-smiling residents of St. Petersburg and invite them to Lomonosov Street 14. And one more sun will light up the city. Egg-shell-colored walls, huge and bright stained-glass windows. This House loves guests and children’s laugh. Once She (The House) hosted large atelier where a lot of cheery seamstresses were sewing magnificent dresses for Ladies and suits for Their Gentlemen. Up till now you can hear their voices in The House they are singing old romantic songs and talking about latest city’s gossip.

All citizens know about so-called” Five corners”. The street is always crowded and busy but not by householders. The House, Ballerina has visited, is the head here. He is always grumbling at each visitor. As soon as You come in You will hear squeak. This is how The House kicks against His guests. Long time ago The House lived with His best friend, Physics Scientist. However Scientist had tragic fate and left The House… Since then silence is the only thing lives with The House. And this is how He grieves for His friend. Ballerina tried to talk with The House but the answer was slow heartbeat.

O Captain! My Captain! There is The House in St.Petersburg with the sea inside. The House has waves-washed walls and snow-white ceiling studded with mother-of-pearls. But if You look hard you will see that the ceiling is no other than a big wise whale. Listen! The ship is ploughing the sea upstairs. The Captain is an honorary freeman and the former master of The House. He was well-off merchant and up till now He protects His House. As everybody knows about rumors of buried treasure undersea.

The House who is waiting. Different things Houses keep in the memory; They remember face , voices.. but some of Them remember hands. Such an incredible House lives in the heart of the city, on Nevsky Prospect. Now it’s difficult to say how many craftsmen were plying their trade here: joiners, goldsmiths, tailors, barbers. But The House remembers each of them. He was diligently learning every trade He’s seen. The more He has known the more new details appear: beautiful stucco molding on the walls, fancy floor tiles and hammed handrails. But those days are over. Day after day The House is waiting for a new craftsman but no one is coming..

The House of countless stories. Houses know plenty of stories but not every House can tell his or her one. When You’re walking down Kirochnaya Street You’ll certainly meet The House who is strict and pedantic like his former owner, a famous writer. But not everybody is welcome here.. A pass to come in is courtesy, open mind and clear conscience. People who call at The House will find a real wonderland: stories and novels are kiting far and wide! Just catch the tail of a flying story when suddenly an invisible narrator’ll whisper You another story about brave warriors and beautiful ladies, kings and queens, about St.Petersburg and of course about You..

About a kind-hearted House. Once upon a time there was a Girl; She lived in This House and an unknown young Poet fell in love with Her. He loved The Girl so much that everyday left flowers on the threshold. But She didn’t love back.. and Poet’s heart was broken. The House was so kind as to take flowers brought by The Poet and decorate His walls, windows and floor with fragrant buds. Time has passed. Citizens don’t remember The Girl and Poet’s names. But The House has become a fairy-forever-in-blossom-forest where each water lily is a froghouse, honeybees collect nectar in the hearts of wild flowers and graceful nymphs always sing romantic ballades which The Poet wrote for His beloved Girl.

Darian Volkova

NTV Russian television channel