In recognition of World Refugee Day, I’m posting some portraits (not all of which are traditional face portraits) of refugee kids we’ve been trying to help in Istanbul. Most of them are from Syria, but this city also has Iraqis and Afghanis fleeing from war. Feel free to share, comment, and use these images to raise awareness of the difficulties faced by refugees, especially children.

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Hope is still visible on the face of this four-year-old Syrian girl.

This toddler and his mother were on the street when we talked with them.

This boy was taken away by the police just after this photo was taken.

Kids are still kids- and even the middle of a terrible situation, there are still lighter moments.

Another “lighter moment” as this girl sticks her tongue out at us.

This boy told us he hopes to become a doctor when he grows up.

Throwing a rock over a fence- a pastime between soccer games.

Young refugees gambling. They agreed to let me shoot them as long as their faces were not visible.

A game of soccer. These boys hope to play for Syria’s national team one day.

A teenaged Hazara Afghan refugee shows a tattoo on his arm that says “mother” in Dari, as well as a green chord from the shrine of Abbas in Karbala, an important pilgrimage site.

A Yazidi refugee from Northern Iraq who fled ISIS. He still is doing his best to pursue an education, even though it is difficult.