The organizers of “All You Can Paint” Festival Project, contacted me and told me about the social situation – the contest received 60% less participants comparing with the last year. I decided to join the festival and do something about it.

When I sow the building I had to paint on, I was so happy I could die! I was happy about the size, but didn’t know what to do with so many windows. When studying, I accidentally opened a book and found a page about bees and part of a honeycomb. It was a brilliant moment! It got me thinking about how bees behave in the parallel with human and I knew what to do.

I made it colorful to represent the variety of personalities. When I met the A.Y.C.P. organization I found all of them amazing! That inspired me to paint 11 bees, one for each of them. Even while painting on the building I met amazing people who live inside. One of them was my sweet Coffee Bee Christina, who made coffee and gave it to everyone through her window.

Homey Comb is full of amazing and beautiful “bee people”.

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Honeycomb of Life

The beginning, 02.09.2014

Best Shopping Cart

 Coffee Bee Christina

Karl, my assistant and his Bee

12 days later