In the advertising world, it’s getting increasingly harder to get through to the customer, as the maze of ad campaigns has become just too overwhelming. Photographer Rene Mesman, working in collaboration with a hairstylist and Dutch postproduction specialists at Souverein Weesp, was hired to conduct a photoshoot for hair care product commercials and found a very creative angle to get people’s attention. The idea for this clever ad was to shoot luscious hairdos, created on different beautiful birds — an owl, a crow, and a falcon. The final results of the “Coiffure le Bird” series are actually pretty impressive!

Each bird poses with a digitally drawn hairdo, matching his feather colors and overall posture, and the combination gives a really hilarious yet impressive result. The birds cover the traditional blond-brunette-redhead palette and prove that there still are ways to promote such everyday products as hair care creatively. We think that this is one of the best ads that we’ve seen!