Today I am interviewing a young 19 years old artist – Kamile Lukrecija Lukosiute. She is known for the one-eyed portraits who grabbed many Hollywood stars attention. Today she brings abstract one-eyed paintings with a hell of a lot of attitude and provoking messages.

Kamile, You are youthful and I have noticed that really ambitious person. At age nineteen you have already made two personal expositions, collaborated with many fashion designers around the world, your art amazed people like Rose McGowan, Taylor Lautner, Emma Roberts and many others.

Shouldn’t you just be living a carefree life not minding about the problems?

“Thank You, I am happy that people see that in me and remind me about what I have done, because sometimes I just feel like I haven’t achieved anything yet. Probably because my purpose is way bigger than this.”

Also, as I know soon you are going to New York and two of your works will be presented digitally during the Armory Art Week for thousands of people. How do you feel about it ?

“I am cool about it. I don’t take it too serious, even I really appreciate the chance to digitally present my art in the New York city, because it is a way to reach my current dream – to have the original works presented there.” says Kamile.

Recently you posted a picture and words saying: ” Don’t call me an artist again. I don’t want belong to this community if it is not about art anymore.” I must say it was kind of an expression to expect from You. What happened to make you talk out like this ?

“Well, it was a rough day, we all have experienced it. After that, I talked to my one friend and it made me feel better. I was feeling that the art world is not about art anymore. I have faced too many situations saying if you are not wealthy – then sorry, we can’t help you. We can’t write an article about your art if you don’t pay us, we can’t expose your art if you don’t pay us and if we can’t take half of the money if the art gets sold, we can’t talk to you if you don’t pay us, we can’t sit with you if you don’t pay us…I know, I went too far with these examples, but I want to make you realise about what I’m talking. You need to be in the right place at the right time and wait till some “very important” people to say that this piece of art is cool, so the others are going to be like – yeees that’s cool.”

Are you saying you going to quit art ?

“No, no… absolutely not that ! I’m just saying that nowadays (if you are an emerging artist) it is not easy to find support. But I’m not giving up. I’m just talking out about the problems and many artists experience it. “

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