Weirdly enough, you can tell a lot about a person by their hands. Do you have scars, nailpolish, cuts, rings, birthmarks? Tell us what your hands look like and we will try to make assumptions about you.


Like bun size hot dogs 🌭



They long and skinny. Few rings. rings. Nails unevenly cut. few scars.



My hands are kinda hairy. I rarely have nail polish on. I have lots of scratches and cuts. I have a scar from one of my friends nails on one of my knuckles.



Lots of scars from working with my hands but soft skin cause I use lotion. Crooked finger tips from being broken and one finger which is currently broken. I wear a single ring on my right hand which I designed myself and commissioned a jeweler to make.



Average length. Soft hands and thin fingers . I take good care of my nails. I have no scars. And I wear 2 wedding rings. One is my own the other is my mom's



Right now, they are broken out because of an eczema flare up, but usually the nails on my left hand are longer than the ones on my right. My nails are always long and sometimes they are covered in marker ink from my coloring.


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Small, usually broken or bitten nails from stress or nevousness, random scratches that appear from nowhere



Nails nibbled to the quick. The main three creases on my palms do not touch each other. (It's supposed to be a symbol of strength) On my right index finger I have two small moles. On my right hand, (palm up) I have a weird red dot on the bottom left.



Naked grace.
My hands are long & slim. They don't match.
One is thicker than the other.
Wrinkles show my age.
Scars remind of adventures.
My hands look like me, like my journey.



Small. Very skinny. Lots of bumps on right middle knuckle. Few scratches from cats


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I am quite happy my cat does not scratch

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