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In Peter Pan:
Peter Pan is actually the villain who kidnaps children and brings them to Neverland.
Tinkerbell is already basically evil, as she tried to kill Wendy.
Tinkerbell and Peter Pan are a couple.

In Sleeping Beauty:
Aurora and the prince (forgot his name) were actually arranged to be married when Aurora was a baby and her 16th birthday was to be the wedding day. Maleficent didn't like this plan, or was it that she didn't trust that it would be a good idea for the 2 kingdoms?

The Little Mermaid:
Ursula was aware of Eric and had a crush on him before Ariel saw him. She simply used Ariel to her advantage. Once the spell on Eric was broken and she turned back into an octopus she realized she wasn't going to get him. She would rather Eric and Ariel both die if she couldn't have him.



My theory (more of an opinion really) is that Experiment 626 was 100% successful.

The plan was to make the most destructive and chaotic creature in the universe. The experiment was considered a failure because it cared and found love.

Let's be honest, can you think of anything more chaotic than love? Anything more destructive?


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Well, that’s made Lilo and Stich even more deep than it already was. Who would’ve thought it was possible?


My Disney theory is that Moana is actually dead . My evidence is when Moana and Maui jumped into the volcano . He told her she was supposed to be dead since mortals couldn't survive the jump. So possibly Moana is just a ghost.


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Or maybe she is a demigod like Maui.

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Based on real life history, maybe after Moana's people embraced their voyager life-style and traveled the oceans, they eventually settled on the West Coast of South America, becoming the ancestors of the Madrigals.



My theory is that in Incredibles II, the mansion the Parr family stays in is the house of Syndrome, the villain from the first villain.

The rich guy who let them stay in it said

"I bought it from an eccentric billionaire who liked to come and go without being seen"

Total match.

That's my convoluted theory


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I saw this theory somewhere once

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my theory is more about Disney Channel than Disney movies but Disney Channel episodes do a lot of crossovers so my theories that every Disney Channel tV show and movie is in the same universe. And that this universe is also the same as all of the Disney universe and the Pixar universe so basically I just think that every Disney movie TV show are in the same universe.



if pixar counts im doing one. the toys are posed and when the kid comes in the room the spirits take over the toys. also sid the toy torcher haze and abusive father.