Tell us any joke. Really. I know you can do it.


why did the chicken cross the road?
to get to the idiot

knock knock
who's there



A man walked into a bar.



What did the strawberry say when it was robbing the bank?
¨This is a strobbery everybody get down on the floor and don't move!¨


Billy The Kid
Community Member
6 months ago

A robber walks into a bank and says "give me the money or you're geography". Person behind the counter says "dont you mean history?" Robber says "DONT CHANGE THE BLOODY SUBJECT!"


I borrowed a pal £10.000 for a face lift now i can recognize him to get my money back!



One day a lil boy goes to his dads room and says there is a monster under his bed. The dad said he is lucky. But when the kid gets married, the monster will be sleeping with him. Lmao



"Knock knock?"
"Come in"

(Sorry...I know it isn't that good but it always makes me crack up).


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I'm dressing as a different type of bread each day starting from next week...

Roll on Monday!



What did the pencil say to the paper?
“I dot my i’s on you.”



Guess what-chicken butt
guess why-chicken thigh
guess who- chicken poo
guess where- chicken hair