Was there a time you were running late because you couldn't find your shirt only to avoid a major injury? Send a simple message to someone and it ended up leading to a life full of happiness? Decide against visiting a relative in order to be lazy and you never saw them again?

How has something you've done that seems so small and insignificant had a profound effect on your life?


I was only days past a dramatic breakup with a boyfriend of 3 years. While working as a cashier in a very busy store, a random, goofy-looking guy asked me out when I was ringing up his items. I said yes so as not to appear rude but I mentally decided to give a fake number. I accidently wrote my real number. We have been together 17 years, have two beautiful kids, and have a happy life together.


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1 week ago

That's adorable!! You two sound like a great couple! <3


So kind of a long story...

A couple of years ago a random guy added me on Snapchat. He was a stranger, but I knew he was from one of the local high schools so I decided to add him back. I never add strangers due to safety reasons, but for some reason I decided to give him a chance. I had never seen, met, or spoken to this guy. For two years we didn't snap or chat. One day I was clearing out my contacts in Snapchat. I was clearing the people who I didn't talk with. I eventually came across his contact and was just about to unfriend him when something inside of me told me not to. A couple of weeks later he randomly snaps me and asks me to be his date the fall homecoming football game and dance. Remember, I had still never talked or seen this guy. We had an amazing first blind date at the football game and homecoming dance. We started talking and hanging out more. A month later we started dating. Now we have been dating for 10 months and are going to start a long distance relationship this fall when we both move to different colleges. We are planning a future together.

If I had never taken a chance and added him as a stranger on Snapchat or if I had decided to clear his contact, I wouldn't have him as my best friend and boyfriend.


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That’s too cool. What a great “first meeting” story.

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France, 1992.
I enrolled at uni for my 2nd year and went to the student jobs office.
All the jobs were gone but there was a poster on the wall; it advertised a booklet featuring working holidays and jobs in Britain.
I sent for the booklet.
I applied for a job in Britain for summer 1993.

Got the job.
Met my first husband. Stayed in Britain.

First husband died in 2007.
Joined a young widows and widowers support group. Met my 2nd husband.

It all began with the disappointment of not finding a student job and sending for a booklet so that it wasn’t a lost journey.


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1 week ago

That's so neat to see how it all fell into place! Some things are just meant to be!


We had a house with a baby’s room and a white picket fence. After 8 years of trying to conceive, with all the depression and heart ache that come with it, we decided to just embrace not having kids and live a full life. We sold EVERYTHING and moved 2,000+ miles away, taking a month long road trip across the US. We moved to Yosemite and worked directly in the park, it felt like living in The Garden of Eden. We made a ton of friends and had some awesome experiences. We also got pregnant and we’re able to have the baby. It was the best decision we ever made.


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Thanks for such an awesome story! I've heard pregnancy happens best when you're not stressing about it. You proved that! I have friends who tried to conceive for 5 years, gave up and adopted two kids. Then they got pregnant a year later. Then two years later, they had an accidental baby when they weren't even trying!


So "American Government and Politics" is a required High School course in my school system for 10th graders. You can decide whether you want to take Regular, Honors, or AP level. Since I have an interest in politics and history, I thought to myself, "It'll be easy since I already know a lot in this general area, so might as well get an AP credit out of it." Some of my friends in others schools who had taken AP Gov said it was easy.

For those of you who don't know, AP level classes are essentially college-level but faster-paced since you only have from September until May to get through all of the course content and prepare for the AP Exam, which determines how eligible you are for an automatic college credit in the course when you actually get to college.

Never have my hopes been so quickly destroyed. The first day went kind of smooth. After that it started to get real. Read and outline 10-15 pages of the textbook between classes, practically ingrain all of the vocab terms from reading the text the first time, and be able to quickly combine all the ideas to argue your positions in Socratic Seminars. It was only after it was too late to withdraw that I realized my teacher was the one teacher in the whole school system that really pushed his students far, and that was the reason his classes always scored above the national average on the AP Exam.

There were countless days I thought I wouldn't be able to maintain my already sucky score (I maintained a B average with a lot of work, but keep in mind I have South Asian parents who never expected anything lower than an A). Growing up with the mentality that you need to constantly bring home grades higher than 95%, this course really made me feel dumb in a way I never knew before.

In the end however, I learned a lot from this course. Not much about Government and Politics since the fast-cramming of the course led to me forgetting almost everything the day after the exam. But it taught me how to manage my time and developed a work ethic in me that, looking at today's working conditions, I'll really need when I get a proper job in the future. I also got a decent score on the AP Exam, so there's that.



my uncle needed help applying for unemployment for the first time at 52. i went with him. while there i heard a man ask the employment desk for an application for a great job. i asked for one too. got the job, medical benefits, bonuses, pension, the works. I'm now retired from there. all because my uncle needed help.



Then-fiance' and I were planning our wedding. Former roommate had just gotten out of rehab for alcohol/drug addiction. My fiance' is a recovering addict, and I had done drugs with former roommate. Asked if I could invite FR to the wedding. He told me, "Sure, as long as you don't want a groom there." It finally clicked how toxic FR was after all.(DUH!) Fiance' turned into my husband of 13 1/2 years, and FR ended up relapsing and overdosed 6 months after I got married. It is not exactly happily ever after but it's our story.



I just finished a year of school with my best friend by my side.

I had a best friend before her, her names was Miley. She was toxic and would make comments about how I’m too skinny or too flat. When I wore my favorite jeans, she would comment about how it made me look fat and didn’t complement my rump

She cussed out one of my friends (we’ll called her Stephanie) and Stephanie had been pretty much “banished” from our friend group, and I felt horrible, I called out Miley and she said we don’t need to be friends any more since I’m starting arguments left and right. ( I my sled was not, she was, by flirting with my crush ect.) and I agreed she later was talking to her other friend (was was my friend as well) saying that I’m just going to crawl back to her like I always do. That friend talked to me and told me what she said, I already knew bc that whole conversation was directly behind me in a quiet gym. I blocked her, and her friends, and when she confronted me about it, I said this, “I don’t want to be in your life any more if you want to treat me like walking garbage say what you will, I will not be crawling back to you EVER again. I hope you understand this time and won’t try anything else.” I left before she had the chance to fire back at me. All this stress on losing all my friends exempt for maybe three (who were all on my side) brought me to tears, and I had a breakdown in the main hallway under a counter while people who I wasn’t even close with tried to console me.

My CURRENT best friend (Stephanie) and I are now living our happiest life without them and I’m just now getting over my body insecurities and just started talking to a guy that genuinely likes me back. This is the happiest I’ve been in a while.

I hope that if any of you guys are going through anything, I hope that you’ll be happy too! I know you can get through it too!


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