As Bored Pandas, we were bored by the bags and the way they look. We already created bags that look like anything including bags that look like books, but it was not enough. We wanted to create a versatile bag that could change it looks within seconds. So we designed a bag that consists of two parts - the basic bag and the exchangeable front panels that could be easily snapped on. Of course, we started from our favorite characters but don't let it limit your imagination! The front panel can look like anything, it can even be your own face!!! We are open to custom orders as usual because head matters... much!

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#1 Jake The Dog

Jake The Dog

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#2 Sly Fox

Sly Fox

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Nancy E 1 year ago

Of course I have to upvote my favorite wild animal, the fox !

#3 Princess Carolyn

Princess Carolyn

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#4 Finn The Human

Finn The Human

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#5 Rick


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#6 Morty


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#7 Shy Polar Bear

Shy Polar Bear

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#8 Hypno Cat

Hypno Cat

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#9 Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman

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#10 Happy Piglet

Happy Piglet

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#11 Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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#12 The Basic Bag, Both Sides

The Basic Bag, Both Sides

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