Hidden in the mountains of Bosnia there are animals you would never expect, who are surviving along hot summers and freezing winters, fighting bears and wolves to keep their families safe. I started my trip having no idea of what would happen during my stay. All my expectations were exceeded the moment I had the very first sight of a wild horse. I would have been perfectly fine with just watching the herds all day long. Observing their habits and social structures made me realize how unprejudiced these animals are.

Far away from phone service and internet the fresh breeze of air flew right through me and the view on so many animals living in peace with nature filled my heart with melancholia. While the world seems to be full of despair and hate these days, this place in Bosnia seemed like a safe haven for souls who seek peace. During my stay I got to know the horses, their unique character traits and and was even able to create a connection to some of them. Touching a wild horse and exchanging caring gestures is one experience you will never forget in your whole life.

Wild horses express so much at once – strength and silence, boldness and kindness. They can be terribly cruel sometimes and also very caring. I have never seen a purer love than a wild horse holds for its foal. As we humans they love, play, hurt each other and then heal. They grief, they care and they live. Their lives matters, just like each of ours do.

This work is the first part of a photo series which had been planed for years. It means the world to me and I’m happy I’m able to share this experience with you.

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