I love exploring and discovering myself in the beauty of a new place. Each and every destination is an unique opportunity to capture a moment, to frame the emotion, to keep the memory alive forever. This is my story told in frames, illustrating my existence along with all the happiness, joy, and color that surround me. This is called a happy feet!


Mondays are blue

Little Mickey on the road


Go green

Happy sandals happy me

Waiting for the plane at Dhaka Airport

Inside an auto-rickshaw

To the road of flowers


To swim or not to swim!

Some Vitamin Sea!

At the beautiful Inani Beach of Bangladesh



Some shoe shopping may be!

Sunny side

Wanna play Chess?

Its Spring here!

Village life

Seems like The World decided to match me!

The World seems to match me!


Footprint of a traveler at Denham’s beach, Australia

Such a bright day!

Famous “Roth” (Sacred vehicle of God in Hindu religion) of Dhamrai, Bangladesh

Footprints of Sea-gulls