Haru just wanted to hang out in his nice warm home. However, I had other plans for him. I had a whole shoot planned out for him and was expecting a hammy hedgehog! Haru arrived hangry and hissy. He wasn’t very happy with me and spent most of his time curled up in a little ball hissing. I’m sure some choice words ran through his head for me too.

I’m not one to be phased by an hangry hedgehog though, so we proceeded. Haru, although less than pleased- hammed it up in various adorable hedgehog sized props. I bet you’ve never seen a hedgie on a scooter! (Although we told him it was a Harley) Through the shoot, Haru’s wonderful owner (and my great assistant- because I certainly wasn’t going to place that spiky ball!) positioned him lovingly in various positions and enticed him with tiny meal worms… which he gobbled up delightfully!

I asked him if we could get one more shot in at the end. Haru looked at me, hissed, and then proceeded to curl up in to a little ball. He was done. And that’s why you don’t see him walking on a tight rope.

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