My main work consists of the making of a Ball jointed doll. Besides my small hobby of the creation of Handmade soft toys, I create characters from the world which I created by myself. A part of them is anthropomorphous dragons.

The time of their making is very long. Therefore, if you are going go order one of them, you should be very patient person)

My dolls are made of wonderful material – papier-mache. As a matter of fact it is a paper and glue, but if to add there other components, it turns out magical masses capable to win any person’s heart. Dry parts of papier-mache sound like old bones, for some time the material is gaining more strength in the finished work, and in a few years this material can be compared in quality with good wood.

I create papier-mache according to my own recipes. Processing of half-finished dolls is difficult, but very interesting. It is always interesting to observe how a rough, uneven surface turns into smooth parts of bodies.

But the painting of parts is still more interesting in many times! The technology of “skin” creation is copyright, the colors for this are also created manually. The color of bodies can contain many shades at once.

I will be grateful for your opinions about my dolls. And I will be interested to hear about the associations that they evoke from you.

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