As an acrylic artist, the sky is the limit. Such a versatile medium means endless possibilities. For me, painting canvases led to painting wood panels, which eventually led to painting guitars, skatedecks and nearly every other blank surface I could put slap paint on. As a gallery artist, my wood panels evolved with sculpted elements adhered to the piece, and it made sense to begin doing the same thing with my hand painted skatedecks. This is the first one complete, with three others currently underway. The clay sculpture adds a whole new dimension to the work, and makes these decks a unique piece of decor whether they hang on a wall or accent a tabletop. Adding the clay is a time consuming an arduous process, as every piece is hand sculpted and none use molds. The end result is a truly one of a kind work of art.

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Completed Skatedeck with Sculpted Elements

Completed Skatedeck with Sculpted Elements

In process, creating the sculpted flowers and leaves and adhering them to painted deck

Deck is painted with acrylic, added pencil and ink detailing, charcoal rubbed. Then sculpted clay is painted and adhered

Clay elements are sculpted, painted and adhered to deck

In process, completing the painting of sculpted clay leaves wrapped around steampunk style centerpiece

Completed sculpted and painted wood skatedeck.