Genetics doesn’t make a family. Love does. And while Jesica Ryzynski and her family already knew that, their pediatrician did not.

While they were at his office, the doctor asked Jesica’s 10-year-old daughter who the members of her family were. She listed her mom, her dad (who happens to be her step-father), her brother who is three years younger than her, and her baby brother. But the pediatrician corrected her, saying that it was actually her half-brother.

However, the little girl instantly showed her big heart, standing up for her family and refusing to let the man divide it. Continue scrolling to learn everything that unfolded from Jesica’s own words.

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Image credits: jesica.butler

Image credits: jesica.butler

Image credits: jesica.butler

Jesica didn’t like the pediatrician from the get-go. “He had a terrible bedside manner,” she told Bored Panda. “Both my daughter and I never felt that we were being heard and often even felt that he was being dismissive. He was very condescending.”

Luckily, the savage girl instantly defused the situation. The mom describes her as one of the strongest people I know. “She is smart and very hard working. And she loves her siblings fiercely.”

One of the reasons why the girl grew up to be such a resilient little lady is Jesica’s current husband’s efforts to be the best dad he can be. “He is very involved with the children, both at home and coaching their sporting teams. He goes on most of the school trips. Their emotional and physical well-being is his absolute priority. It sounds a bit mushy I realize, but I consider myself very lucky to have found such a wonderful partner to go through life with.”

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