Sipping wine and wearing a beret isn’t enough if you want to become an art critic. In order to write about sculpture, for example, you must learn everything there is to know about the craft: its history, significance, trends, key figures, sculptural techniques, etc. Or you can at least Google the artist when you’re discussing their work on the internet because you might make a complete fool out of yourself. Like this guy did.

When Ivan Throne shared a picture of what he believes to be art, he added his own opinion about it. A quite strong opinion. But if you want your ballsy claims to stand a chance against the internet, you need to back them up with concrete facts. Scroll down to check out why everyone needs to double-check everything they post!

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This sculpture is creating a lot of buzz online

Although their party quickly ended when someone pointed out its actual origins

The artist behind this sculpture is Luo Li Rong

She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Beijing, and even did a few sculptures for the 2008 Olympics!

Other people also felt the need to share their opinions about the story