Gracie May was found a year ago on October 21, 2018, by the post-office in a box. She even had three puppies in there with her. The people who found her and her puppies sent her to the local shelter. Her babies were just born before she was sent away in the box. We were looking to adopt our second dog, as ours was 17 years old and didn’t have much energy. We went to go see her and her puppies, and we fell in love! We signed the adoption sheet and waited until we found out what dog we would get. When we got her, she was very loyal from the very beginning. We could even go on walks with her without her leash! She is so playful, and we couldn’t be happier that we got her. She is truly amazing and adorable! We named her Gracie because we thought it fit her, and it was her original name. I got the honors to pick her middle name, May.