Apollinariya Koprivnik, born in Russia and living in Slovenia, is a true magician. Her passion started with collecting handfuls of beautiful sparkling seed beads in a box — she was studying at university then. This happened much earlier before Apollinariya has created her first jewelry — an embroidered belt for her wedding dress.

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Brooches, earrings and necklaces made by Apollinariya look incredibly gorgeous and rich. Voluminous, with implausible webs of beads and rhinestones, shiny, glittering, flashing… An architect by training, the author builds complex constructions of them. If glancing into a thing, you see the outlines of bugs, unusual flowers and different natural shapes. No doubt, such a jewelry would recall fabulous images and inspire anyone.

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Gorgeous Seed Bead Webs: 12 Amazing Jewelries By Apollinariya Koprivnik


Sarah Kim 4 months ago

this one looks kinda gothy