I have posted an article here about my handbags. Since then, much has changed. What has changed the most is the use of goldplated bricks. I did use them before, but I was limited to what was made by some AFOLs in Germany. Then they stopped goldplating bricks so I had to find a way to do this on my own. Not literally on my own of course. It turned out the process is not so easy and straightforward as one could think and it took me a few months until I got a result I wanted.

The bricks go through three stages, each in a different place but the outcome is simply astonishing and the best is that I can now goldplate almost every brick, even the smallest one. I have to say I am quite obsessed with this lately. The contrast between a simple children toy and the ultimate luxury symbol gives quite a unique character to everything I make with those goldplated bricks.

Also – initially I believed the gold goes best with dark colors like dark blue or dark red but after a few months it turned out it goes pretty well with any colour – which gives even more possibilities. Making a whole handbag with goldplated bricks is still ahead…

More info: Etsyagabag.com