Every once in a while something important happens that really tests your romantic relationship. When Alison Finlay, a student from London, recently found herself in such a situation, she didn’t back down. Her boyfriend was forced to miss the FIFA World Cup game between England and Tunisia, so she just had to step up.

“He had to work late and hoped he’d make it back (for the game) but didn’t, so asked me to fill him in. I kindly obliged!” Alison said.

“I have a vague interest in football but don’t watch it that often,” she told Bored Panda. “I’m a much bigger motorsport fan.”

England won 2-1 after a late Harry Kane goal, but it was Alison’s live updates that won over the internet. She uploaded her broadcast to Twitter, and people loved it. “Oh this is far more entertaining than the actual commentary,” one user said. “You’re better than the BBC commentators,” another added.

“I enjoyed the first half,” Allison concluded. “They seemed to lose their energy a bit in the second.” Scroll down to read her messages that have already received over 14k likes on the social network!

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