A girl from France, Naomi Musenga, had severe stomach pains and tried to call an ambulance, but the rescue operator responded with a strange advice: why bother if we all die one day? That said, the operator hung up. The doctors at the other help desk were not able to save the girl.

Naomi Musenga, who was 22 and living in Strasbourg, one night the girl felt a sharp pain in her stomach and hurried to enter the number of the rescue service.

The conversation lasted only three minutes. Naomi described her symptoms to the operator and asked for an ambulance. When the anonymous speaker hesitated, the girl decided to rush her.

“It hurts, I can die.”

The operator did not send the doctors on Naomi’s first request and answered quite clearly.

“Of course you’re going to die one day, just like all of us.”

After that, he advised the girl to go to another emergency medical service and talk to a qualified doctor. The operator added that he could not help.

Calling another number, the girl was able to call a doctor. In all, Naomi waited five hours for help and died in a hospital because of a heart attack brought on by internal bleeding and subsequent organ failure.

Naomi died on December 29, 2017, but only after five months did her parents decide to tell reporters what happened. On the French edition website, they posted a record of their daughter’s conversation with the ambulance operator and went to court.

The operator did not want to divulge its name to journalists. The woman believes she could refrain from philosophical comments, but did not comment on the refusal to send an ambulance to Naomi, but referred to the difficult conditions of her job.

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