We all have bad dreams from time to time, including nightmares. The latter usually feel more intense and vivid in comparison to merely bad dreams, while they also can make a person actually wake up and experience intense, nightmare-related feelings after waking. From a scientific point of view, a number of psychological triggers can cause nightmares, several of which being depression, anxiety, and PTSD, or simply a prolonged period of sadness.

However, when this young woman took to Twitter to share her recurring dream, the majority of people threw all the psychological explanations right out of the window. Purpah—a 24-year-old illustrator and character designer based in LA—shared that she keeps dreaming of the same character, who by no means appears friendly.

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This young woman shared how she keeps seeing a bizarre and terrifying creature in her dreams

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“There is a scary character that keeps appearing in my dreams who is AWARE that he is in my dream and says stuff like ‘Even when you wake up, I will still be here’ and honest to God I am terrified,” the woman starts off a now-viral thread with over 80k likes. “I want to draw this creepy monster but at the same time giving him form seems like a bad idea,” she continues. “I’ve written down every dream he’s been in and saved them so I have a record of all the [crap] he has pulled,” the woman carries on in the next tweet. When someone prompts her to draw the horror character, she promises to do so and piques her followers’ interest by saying that “he looks nothing like what you would expect.”

She’s written down every dream where the character was involved

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After the Twitter thread gained attention, some people suggested drawing him

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And the illustrator promised she will

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And soon shared the drawings

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Image credits: thepurpah

Image credits: thepurpah

The creepy drawings posted by Purpah show a creature with long, wavy hair, big ears peeking from the sides of his head, and a face that looks like part lamb and part wolf. “My dreams seem to have a French Renaissance look to them when he is there,” Purpah writes. The Rennaissance style clearly shows in the character’s attire as he’s dressed up to the nines with a high hat and an old-school tuxedo. The dream character was also given a name—Somnus.

Someone suggested drawing the dream character in a funny way

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But the dreamer didn’t find the idea amusing

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And there were those who said that maybe the creature is a good guy

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But Purpah was convinced that he wasn’t

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The dreamer goes on to illustrate why the dream character isn’t a good guy: “The first time he showed up he lured me to a theater where he put on a life-sized puppet show using real people and put me in control of the levers to move them to try and prevent them from dying in all the booby traps he set up on stage.” Spooky stuff.

Here’s what other people thought

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Some suggested that Purpah spray her bed with holy water, while some noted that recurring dreams might be caused by psychological issues. Nonetheless, the thread gained lots of attention from folks on Twitter, prompting some people to share their own dark drawings of characters from dreams as well.

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