All of my paintings are worked with oil on canvas. When I paint my work, I try to see the photographs about my work in order to actualize my feeling from it. I first check a specific place or time that I could feel some kinds of feelings. Then I go to that place again with the model to take photographs. After taking photographs with model at that place, I take pictures of my dog living in my home after making similar environment or atmosphere to the place that I took photographs with the model. Then I do a combining process with these two images. The image from the combining process becomes an esquisse for me. I do my sketch with the photograph to remember the image and put color on my work to express the feeling and the light of the moment with concentrating on the sense and touch of the color on the work. It usually takes around two weeks from the start to finish of one work.

The reason why I create my work based on the photograph is that it could be limited for me to remember or memorize every detail of all objects or landscape at the place even I could remember overall atmosphere or feeling broadly. So I use the photograph to maximize my memory for the feelings toward a place. I am also researching on the touch and sense of the color to deliver texture of an object and atmosphere lively so that it can be delivered as a synesthetic image.

The three objects – a bobby-soxer, dog and light- are not only the main objects on my works but also the ones that inspire me a lot. Firstly, the girl represents a human being in modern era, who is a person standing on the line between child and adult, and she is actually an adult but is not used to become an adult. Next, the dog named as ‘Blacky’ is a dog staying with me for 13 years. We can say that people’s life has become more convenient as the technology advances whereas we lose our human’s nature and also feel loss of emotion and relationship. However, the dog always stays with us regardless of the advance of technology or science. Therefore, the dog represents a noble being that has its unchangeable nature. Lastly, the light represents a recovery of two objects by surrounding them to focus on the issue on the loss of human nature and their relationship.

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