Bikes are an integral part of Dutch society. The flat landscape and short distances make it an ideal country for that.

84% of the Dutch population has one or more bikes. A world champion. We have 1.1 per inhabitant, more than runners-up Denmark and Germany, with 0.8. And way more than ‘bicycle country’ China.

On average, we ride 2.5 km a day, around 900km a year, totaling 15 billion km every year (compared to 175 billion per car).

We have 17,000 km of bicycle paths, 4,500 km of “scenic routes” and 65,000 km or roads fit for bikes. That’s twice around the world. Not bad for a tiny fleck of a country.

Some bikes are no longer fit to go around on, and get their pension, or are reCYCLED.

Here they are.

Going Dutch

The leftover

A broken record comes to mind

The yoga bike

The flower girl


Take cover. Blue


Autumnal bikes

Funky wheels

The drop

The high and mighty

Hidden colors

The missing link

The DIY one

Pretty in pink

A very Dutch image (Haarlem)

Playing nookie in the fields

The bunk bikes

The posh one

Green is better

The fallen ones

Saddle up (rain protection covers)

A bike parking in the center of Amsterdam features Delft blue images

A clog on a bike, what could be more Dutch?

Country bike, all happy in yellow

A shop on a bike

The hiding one

Drunk, drunk, drunk


The commercial one

The museum piece

Dutch, in flying colors

Wet, wet, wet

The parking lot

The vertically challenged one

The twins

The flowery ones

Not a bike bike, but a happy roller for sure