I love the work of mid-1960s Op Art movement members (V. Vasarely, B. Riley, J. Albers), the true pioneers of modern computational design - but without computers - and I’ve often wondered what these artists would have made with an iPhone as their creative tool of choice.

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That’s why I decided to create GeometriCam, an app that uses the iPhone camera as a live video source to generate abstract geometric compositions in real-time. I wanted to offer a fun new way to create stylish images and video clips, as simple as moving around and capturing shapes and colours that change while exploring the surroundings from another vibrant and almost surreal perspective.

The creative possibilities of GeometriCam are endless, as shown in the gallery below, and after one year of intense work it’s great to see what users are doing with it.

More info: geometricamapp.com



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PedroBolito 2 years ago