Jamie Raines was born as what most of us would consider being a girl, but that biological gender never felt right to him. Now, after undergoing 3 years of testosterone hormone treatment, Raimes has shared a timelapse video with the world featuring 1,400 photos that document his dramatic female-to-male transition.

“I didn’t like looking in the mirror before I started on testosterone. Now, after the gender transformation, I’m happy with what I see,” Raines said. His story, along with his dramatic collection of selfies, will be featured on a Channel 4 series about transitioning men called ‘Girls To Men.’

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Here’s Jamie when he first received his testosterone gel 3 years ago at the age of 18

The changes were barely noticeable at first…

“4 years old was when I had my earliest memory of knowing I was male”


“I realized I was different from the other boys but I was desperate to fit in with them”

“Then I hit puberty and that’s not a fun time… I felt a lot more pressure to fit in with girls”


His face eventually started getting longer…


And facial hair started to appear!

“I started experimenting and I just knew it was right for me… it felt right”

“I’d always felt male… being able to live as a male was just a great feeling”


Jamie has the full support of his girlfriend, Shaaba

His advice to others considering sex change – patience is your best friend

“Patience is your best friend with gender change and it’s good to surround yourself with a community of friends and family that will support you – either online or in real life. Ask questions of transgender people who’ve already gone through it. It feels like it takes ages for things to start happening but then when it does start everything changes really quickly. Now people are surprised when I tell them I’m transgender. I had a job interview recently and when I told them they thought I was going to transition from male to female!”


Watch Jamie’s 1,400-photo 3-year timelapse video