While the garden was once a family space for everyone to use, it seems that young people are spending less and less time outdoors in favour of games and TV.

A survey of parents revealed that kids spend more time indoors on technology than outdoors. In fact, nearly a quarter of people admit their child spends 8-10 hours a week on technology, while a third of parents wish their children would spend more time outside with their friends.

Nearly half the people asked said they should really maintain their garden more and 40% of parents say they don’t use their garden to full capacity.

So, would a more imaginative garden encourage kids to spend more time outside? And could kid-friendly technology be integrated into our gardens of the future? Who better to ask than a group of youngsters. We tasked children between five and eleven with designing a garden of the future and then had a professional 3D illustrator bring their ideas to life with some very interesting results…

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Space Station Garden

Sweet Dreams

Love is in the Air

Cactus Garden

Under the Sea

Animal Magic

Solar So Good