Meloniostriphobia is the fear of melons. It’s a fear we never knew we had until we saw this terrifying watermelon-based sculpture of the Night King from Game of Thrones. Now we can’t even walk down the grocery aisle without fearing that the leader of the White Walkers is going to jump out on us.

The creepy creation is the work of Valeriano Fatica, an Italian sculptor well known for his detailed carvings of fruits, vegetables, and sometimes even cheeses. The carving took 18 hours to complete and the video has already been viewed almost 130k times on Youtube. Valeriano first realized he had a gift for sculpting in 2011 while working in his family’s restaurant “La Roccia” in Oratino. He started carving watermelons for buffets and later created a YouTube channel called Valeriano Fatica – Fruit Carver. He currently has over 16k subscribers and his videos have been viewed almost 4 million times.

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