Recently Season 6 of the TV show Game Of Thrones has come to an end. Fans all over the world have to face roughly a year before the series continues.

Spending such a long time without your favourite TV series is rough. Side effects include trying to predict the plot, reading fan fiction, heck, one time I even ended up binge watching all the previous seasons in a couple of days. It's bad, it's dangerous, it's unhealthy.

Luckily, Eran Mendel has created an awesome series of perfectly looped GIFs. The images not only provide a recap of the 6th season but - thanks to the quirky style - also eases the withdrawal.

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#1 The Red Woman

The Red Woman

Eran Mendel Report

Irene Walton 2 years ago

yes cause down deep she's old!

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#2 Battle Of The Bastards

Battle Of The Bastards

Eran Mendel Report

Luis Milian 2 years ago

loyalty or hunger???

#3 The Winds Of Winter

The Winds Of Winter

Eran Mendel Report

Austėja Vasiliauskaitė (Augustina) 2 years ago

Shame shame shame!

#4 Blood Of My Blood

Blood Of My Blood

Eran Mendel Report

Theodora Kane 2 years ago

Love this one!

#5 Home


Eran Mendel Report

Trina Risos 2 years ago

Hodor :(

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#6 Oathbreaker


Eran Mendel Report

Alessandra Cruz 2 years ago

arya and the waif?

#7 The Broken Man

The Broken Man

Eran Mendel Report

Luis Milian 2 years ago

the Hound!!!

#8 The Door

The Door

Eran Mendel Report

Tania Andini 2 years ago

dammit, bran!

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#9 Book Of The Stranger

Book Of The Stranger

Eran Mendel Report

•_• 2 years ago

Reminds me of adventure time, I know way off topic, but nice!

#10 No One

No One

Eran Mendel Report

chachkimooch 2 years ago

Cercei has a long reach! lol

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