Travelling with public transport has never been so colourful. Collaboration between the public transport and art could evolve into a very interesting and unexpected result. “Gallery on wheels” – is the name of the joint project of the Lithuanian artist Algis Kriščiūnas and local bus company in Kaunas (Lithuania) “Kautra”.

“Gallery on wheels” includes eight different taxis coated with pop style artwork shuttling in the city of Kaunas. From Darth Vader getting from his bed on a Monday morning, to the underwear of the English Queen.

“During the dark time of the year we all need more colours and more positive things. I’m happy we can contribute to more beautiful, colourful and attractive city.”, said Linas Skardžiukas, CEO of “Kautra”.

Kaunas citizen can enjoy the “Gallery on wheels” until the end of the year. It is the first exhibition of this kind in Lithuania.

“I think this is the first such pop artwork gallery in Lithuania. Or maybe even in the world. I want to provoke citizen with my works, to attract their attention and to bring up their smile. And I think we achieved it“, artist Algis Kriščiūnas said.

Hop in! Pop art is calling.

More info:

Gallery on wheels

“Confession of the Queen”. Gallery on wheels

Gallery on wheels

“Life is better if you are pretty”. Gallery on wheels

“Mandala of happiness”. Gallery on wheels

Gallery on wheels

“Aqualung kiss”. Gallery on wheels

Gallery on wheels

Darth Vader. Gallery on wheels

“The day was hundred years long”. Gallery on wheels

Gallery on wheels. “Pop art” works on public transport