I have always been a big Star Wars fan, and having had huge success with our first Star Wars collaboration with Disney, we responded to the outcry to make another. This collection is more colourful and playful than the first, appealing to both Irregular Choice and Star Wars fans.

Having overcome many challenges the first time round in the design process to make the characters look exactly as Lucas Films specified, this time we added really intricate uppers and patterns to the characters to bring a new dimension to this out of this world second collection.

Here you can see the post about our previous collection.

More info: irregularchoice.com

Iridescent Vadar

R-Series Vadar

The Golden Droid

R-Series Artoo

Droid Duo

Golden Vadar

Floral Droid

Battle with Artoo

Floral Artoo

I Am Your Father

Glitzy Artoo

Day of the Trooper

Dark Empire

Dark Lord