Ever dreamed about Ryan Gosling whispering something into your ear? Well keep dreaming, because it's probably not going to happen. Well, not unless you're Vicky from Chicago, because she recently got the surprise of her life when the Hollywood heart-throb leaned in and shared a fleeting moment of intimacy that millions of people would happily sell their grandmas for.

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She was part of a group of tourists that Jimmy Kimmel invited into the Oscars, and they had no idea what was happening until they found themselves in the company of the movie industry's biggest A-listers. Naturally they were all pretty awestruck, but Vicky was positively in La La Land when she got to share her special moment with Ryan. But what did he say to her exactly? Nobody knows for sure, but as you can see from these hilarious memes, the internet has a few ideas. Don't forget to vote for the best!


Whispering Ryan Gosling

ConorPerkins Report

Austin Hollopeter 1 year ago

The Lannisters send their regards.

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pourmecoffee Report

Ironcat_xox 1 year ago

'I preferred Moonlight'

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Whispering Ryan Gosling

TheHazelHayes Report

Anna Brandigi 1 year ago

Now that he's older he should be called Ryan Goose

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Whispering Ryan Gosling

aaronmedwards Report

Skunk Drunk 1 year ago

This should be at the top!

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Whispering Ryan Gosling

carinahsieh Report

Ditto 1 year ago


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sheeby2000 Report

Pearlkp 1 year ago

Gets the Win coz they've used the 'hey girl ..' meme :-)


Whispering Ryan Gosling

GOATfilmpodcast Report

Kahlo Smith 1 year ago

It just means that when he listens to it, he doesn't like it.


Whispering Ryan Gosling

DeathStarPR Report

Teija 1 year ago

Haha, am I the only person who likes Jar Jar? Even though I don't really even like Star Wars.

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