The Spanish artist Sandra Suárez, who completed her first project of 365 masks on Instagram, is working on a different idea “Playing with fruit”. She doesn’t let the time running even for one minute, she made her effort and came up with a trick using fruits as the main components.

The concept is really simple but need a lot of creativity. She always share her pics on her Instagram account which is great for people who loves her crazy ideas. Always a good exercise to encourage imagination and creativity.

More info: Instagram


Pear – Russian doll

Lemon – Minion

One and a half minion.

Edible Turtle And Crab

Homer Passionfruit


Strawberry Pear With Pokemons

Mr. Kiwi

Orange – Fish

Bert Pineapple

Banana – Watermelon

I’m tired to be a banana, now I’m a watermelon.

Pear- Russian doll

Little World

Wild banana

Born to be-nana wild.

Wazowski apple