Hi you all, I’m Sprokkel, a Galgo mix. I was found in the fields in Spain and rescued by some great volunteers from a shelter in 2013. In 2014 when I was 5 months old I was adopted by my human and came to Holland. The change from street life to sweet life!

My human is a dog photographer so she had the luck to catch my new life on camera.

More info: Facebook

When I look like this I get lots of cookies. Being a supermodel is soooo easy

I love to play with my human friends

When it’s cold outside my mommy makes sure I’m warm and comfy

I get to run for fun all the time!

I am a true partydog!

I have a nice and soft bed

I am a true dog star!

Sometimes I even get to show real [grey]hound couture

Sometimes I’m a bit nosy

I’ve got lots of toys

Did I already tell you I’m a real charmer?

This year the best thing ever happened when a pretty Galga called Uma moved in with us. I love her to the moon and back!