My project is called LINESTORY.

My name is Clémence Lerondeau, i am French, based in Paris. I am a self taught artist.

In July 2015, i had a revelation while sleeping. Lines, light and shadows

appeared to me as the way to accomplish what i spend my life to look for. I am painting since then and it is now my current job.

I used to be commercial and event coordinator for Christian Dior for 3 years

Working in the crazy but passionate fashion field made me stronger in a way, but i knew somewhere deep inside that it was not my place.

The lines dream i had changed my whole life because for the time, my whole body and soul were connected and i couldn t deny it anymore.

Painting has been a cure to me. I suffered panic attacks and depression for almost 6 years. The lines help me to communicate and let things getting out. I know a lot of people have the same feeling inside. The thing i want to tell them is : blow your inspirations and your visions out.

Everyone is unique in its own way and today, thanks to lines i accepted my own world and i m enjoying it deeply.

– FLOÉ – 2016

– MECHANICS – 2017

– IRON – 2017