I have always loved animals. Recently, that love turned into a fear. Yes, the fear of how long these wonderful creatures may exist. My son who adores wildlife may not even know about certain species. Just like how he plays with his toy dinosaurs, he might have to play with toy rhinos or polar bears.

I felt disheartened and at the same time responsible. I had to act immediately. Packing my bags and going all the way from Asia to Africa to The Arctic was not possible. Also, spending so much money and emitting too much carbon didn’t make sense too. So why not go economical and shoot with the toy animals. If we don’t act we will have to see them as toys only. So I went ahead.

The series shows toy animals in the natural environment. Most shots were taken in Bintan, Indonesia. The polar bear was taken on the dining table of my house. This is my attempt of making toy animals look real.

Be it your little ones

No one wants to be alone

My Savannah