My name is Daniel Sasse, a marine conservationist, the owner of Poseidon Dive Center Ao Nang Thailand and an award-winning underwater photographer and videographer. I have 25 years of experience in scuba diving, teaching and photographing wildlife. Protecting our oceans must be our priority since every second breath we take is produced by our oceans.

Frogfishes can change color to match their environment but unlike cuttlefish and octopus it’s not an instant change, it can take days and even weeks for a color change to occur. Frogfishes generally do not move very much, preferring to lie on the seafloor and wait for prey to approach. Once the prey is spotted, they can approach slowly using their pectoral and pelvic fins to walk along the floor. They rarely swim.

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Frogfish portrait

Tiny Frogfish

Frogfish with an opened mouth

Black Frogfish

Frogfish with anemone growth

Upsite down Frogfish