My name is Bar Stefansky. I’m 26 years old and I’m a professional photographer and video editor.

At the age of 6, I received my sweet dog Milky. Milky was with me most of my life, however, at the age of 16 Milky began to get sick, and in one month his health deteriated and we had to take him to the main veterinary hospital in Israel.

At the hospital, the Vet told us that Milky had cancer and other awful diseases and that we have two options.

Either to treat Milky with Chemotherapy and try to prolong his life (which entails a lot of pain and misery), or to put him to sleep and let him rest in peace.

At first we chose the Chemotherapy path as we didn’t want to lose him and I took him home from the hospital. However, after a hard night of Milky’s howls of pain, I understood that another month for us means lots of suffering for Milky. So we decided to let Milky rest in peace.

I took his death really hard; I was dreaming about him and crying every night. So in order to deal with my pain, I decided to establish a special project that expresses the strong connection between animals and humans.

I went to the hospital where Milky was and they gave me access to all the rooms. I found myself walking around in the hospital corridors, talking to animal owners and capturing images of powerful moments between people and their beloved animal friends.

Through that project, I have encounted many happy, sad and funny stories, but above all, I have seen the pure love between us and them.

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The beginning of the end

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Our last night


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