If you think about the game of tag you probably remember your childhood years. Many of us would play in the field, happy and carefree. But have you ever thought about playing this game as an adult? Well, one group of friends not only play it, they have managed to take it to a whole new level, they created an international game of tag, and here’s how it all happened.

Back in 2010, Georgina Wilkinson, a young woman from North-Carolina, met what would become a close group of friends during a student program in China. The gang began an ongoing game of tag and her friend Drew McEwan seems to be one of a few friends who has yet to be ‘got’. “We play in June and December and there’s only one tag each time so we’re done for June now. Our only rules are no backsies (you cant get the person who got you) and you have to immediately leave and run away,” Georgina told Unilad.

So, Georgina started planning her trip 6 months before the event, she bought the tickets and planned the entire trip with Drew’s family. The family planned the prank to take place on the day of his niece’s baptism, the only date Georgina could pull it off. She dressed as a gardener and photobombed the family’s picture, once Drew tried to come up to the gardener to ask her to move aside for their photo, Georgina turned around and said ‘you’re it’. Well, and the rest is history!

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Meet Georgina Wilkinson, a young woman from North Carolina who took the game of tag to a whole new level

Image credits: Georgina Wilkinson

Her entire group of friends met in China and they have been playing an ongoing game where you chase other players in order to ‘tag’ them

And it was Georgina’s turn to tag one of her friends, so she chose Drew McEwan

Image credit: Drew McEwan

She dressed as a gardener and flew all the way from the USA to Scotland to tag Drew while he was celebrating his niece getting baptized

Image credits: Greg Chalmers

Georgina planned her trip for 6 months and she left right after she tagged her friend, Drew’s whole family helped her plan everything

Watch the video yourself to see how it all turned out!

Image credits: Georgina Wilkinson

Here’s how the family responded to Georgina’s crazy, yet amazing idea

Others were also praising Georgina and her commitment to the game

Let’s hope that they will continue this tradition!

Image credits: Georgina Wilkinson