For some, getting a permanent tattoo design can be a huge commitment – it is, after all, for life. But what about a unique tattoo that you never even got to see before it was applied to your skin? Because that’s exactly what Jay Freestyle, a talented tattoo artist in Amsterdam, does – he creates his body art directly onto his clients’ skin without any previous sketches.

This practice works for Jay because he’s an extraordinarily talented artist full of creative ideas. From photorealism and geometric designs to modern abstract art or watercolor tattoo ideas – he does it all. But the catch is that his tattoos are totally extemporaneous. The most planning he’ll do might be some rough outlines on the client’s skin.

Jay’s motto captures the essence of his beautiful tattoos; “Give me a piece of your skin and I’ll give you a piece of my soul.” After all, isn’t that exactly what an artist’s artwork is?

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