Glass is one of the most amazing material to work with, but also one of the most challenging. After eight years education in glass design and crafts, I finally started my own glass practice under my brand – Rondo Glass. In another country, with no money, no work space and no job :) Simply – NO LIMITS!

I knew that to work with glass I need a lot of tools that I could not provide myself at that time, so to keep my hands creatively working, I started to engrave my drawings on glass by using a simple engraver. In effect, I can propose a unique piece of art in novel form of interior accessories, which can be displayed in the window space.

Each of my work is one-of-the-kind design concept. Done with devotion to glass craft, art and design. With my experience as an artist and with knowledge of most of the traditional and contemporary glass techniques, I cannot wait to start collecting more equipment to grow up with my art and passion.

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Engraving process

Circles of life