Collecting different kinds of things has been a popular hobby since the beginning of time. Some like to collect cute postage stamps, some—comic books, and some choose to gather themselves a collection of shoes. Apparently, this sneaky fox from Berlin belongs to the last category.

According to the daily Tagesspiegel, residents from Zehlendorf, which is located in Berlin suburb, had been complaining about footwear disappearing from their yards for quite a while. And they had no idea who could be stealing from them. Turns out, the mysterious shoe-thief is a fox.

“Fox, you have stolen that shoe. In #Zehlendorf more than 100 shoes have been stolen by a fox,” reads the post

A local resident named Christian Meyer had recently captured the mysterious thief in a photo shamelessly carrying its latest catch—a pair of blue flip flops.

This passionate shoe-collector was caught red-handed in the act

Image credits: FHackenbruch

Moreover, the resident had discovered the full stash of these missing shoes

Image credits: FHackenbruch

Honestly speaking, this collection is quite impressive. In total, more than 100 shoes were discovered here with most of them being crocs and sandals. Unfortunately, the man who came across this collection hasn’t found his own missing shoe yet.

“He’s been in trouble for at least 1 month…”

Some residents were so eager to find their missing shoes that they even posted some flyers. This one reads: “Who has seen the left sneaker? The day before yesterday a fox had stolen my sneaker! Some other shoes lay on the street but mine is still missing. Please contact me if you find the shoe. THANK YOU!”

Image credits: Sachtleben1

Apparently, there might be a thing with shoes and foxes

Many internauts found this whole situation hilarious

Some thought it was simply adorable

And some were concerned about the well-being of the fox